Duluth, Minnesota

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Duluth, Minnesota captivates everyone with its natural beauty and rich history. As a city, it sets itself apart. It is surrounded by absolutely stunning natural landscapes. There are forests, hills, Lake Superior in all its majesty, and of course, our Duluth bed and breakfast on the North Shore. Guests who stay at our Duluth bed and breakfast quickly learn that the city has a fascinating past and a heritage preserved for your enjoyment in a multitude of museums and historical sites. This history spawns culture and creativity in the form of the Duluth arts and music scene with its regular exhibitions and music festivals. Steeped in tradition, no matter where you go in this city, you’ll feel a sense of history and community. Duluth has an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. While at our Duluth bed and breakfast, we'll give you a sense of home and belonging from the very first visit. While staying with us at our bed and breakfast in Duluth, we'll introduce you to the city. No other bed and breakfast, no other hotel, and no other lodging facility of any kind can offer you the Lake Superior experience quite like Solglimt. Step outside your room to the seven-mile, soft, sandy beaches of Minnesota Point which lead to you to the best Duluth has to offer:

Entertainment in Duluth

  • Check out the Twin Ports Night Life
  • US Corps of Engineers Maritime Museum
  • Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (DECC)

Scenery around Duluth

  • North and South Pier Lighthouses welcoming ships from around the globe
  • Sailboats out from shore
  • The best view of the Midwest’s largest 4th of July fireworks display

Shopping and Dining in Duluth

Recreation in Duluth

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