Best Things to Do in Duluth: Lake Superior Ship Watching

One of our favorite Things to Do in Duluth is watch the ships on Lake Superior this summer

With the recent heat sweeping most of the country, people are searching for cooler places to slip away for a weekend getaway—and it’s much cooler on the shores of Lake Superior! One of our favorite things to do in Duluth is watching the ships head under the Aerial Lift Bridge and into port. You should see these massive ships up close; it’s a sight to behold. There’s a detailed Duluth shipping schedule, which is important to follow to catch one of these behemoths sailing by the corridors of Canal Park and Park Point Beach.

One of the iconic landmarks in Duluth is the Aerial Lift Bridge, which raises and lowers to allow ships to pass through the canal connecting Lake Superior with the harbor. Several spots near our Duluth bed and breakfast, including Canal Park and the Duluth Lakewalk, offer excellent views of the shipping activity. Our Inn also offers a great vantage point, which you can preview here on our Lake Superior webcam.

We’ve always known that our charming city on Lake Superior is a hidden gem—however, as of late, more travelers have discovered that it’s not only “cooler by the lake,” but there are so many great things to do in Duluth, MN. From our proximity to beautiful wooded areas, waterfalls, and parks to celebrating the maritime industry, culinary wonders, and other craft producers, there’s something for everyone here. Start planning your next getaway to Duluth and book our lakefront bed and breakfast today!

One of our favorite Things to Do in Duluth is watch the ships on Lake Superior this summer

Favorite Things to Do in Duluth: Ship Watching on Lake Superior

There are so many great things to do in Duluth, but for a unique experience, you’ll want to look at the Duluth shipping schedule and watch one of these mega transportation vessels glide under the Aerial Lift Bridge and into its final destination.

Duluth, Minnesota, is a significant leader in the shipping industry due to its strategic location on the westernmost point of the Great Lakes, specifically Lake Superior. The Duluth-Superior harbor is one of the largest inland ports in the world and is critical for the movement of goods, particularly iron ore, coal, grain, and limestone.

If you’re interested in ship-watching, a great place to start is the Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center, where visitors can learn more about the maritime heritage and industry’s current state. The center provides insights into the region’s shipping history and current operations. Next, you’ll want to check the Harbor Lookout for the Duluth shipping schedule for the best timing to see these massive vessels close up as they head under the historic Aerial Lift Bridge.

More Great Things to Do in Duluth to Keep Cool:

While ship-watching is one of the unique things to do in Duluth, there are many more ways to stay cool and enjoy Lake Superior’s refreshing, crisp waters.

  1. Spend the Day at Park Point Beach: As a guest at our Duluth bed and breakfast, you’ll be a few feet from a stunning sandy shoreline on Lake Superior, and you can stroll along the sand to this beautiful beach area, named one of the best beaches in the US by Travel + Leisure magazine.
  2. Take a Kayaking Tour on the Lake: There’s no better way to cool off and enjoy the rejuvenating waters of the lake than by getting out on them! Day Tripper of Duluth offers guided tours to paddle the day away and take in the sights from the water.
  3. Stroll the Lakewalk at Canal Park: A popular gathering space and hub on the lake; there are so many great things to do in Duluth at Canal Park. Walk along the lake, grab a beer at Canal Park Brewing, or have a delicious sandwich at Northern Waters Smokehaus.
  4. Explore Lincoln Park Craft District: If you want to rub elbows with the locals, head to this recently rejuvenated area, where you’ll find restored historic buildings with new occupants, like the Duluth Folk School and the Dovetail Cafe & Marketplace.
  5. Tour the Gleensheen Mansion: Take a break from the outdoors for a moment and tour this historic mansion in the well-known Congdon Park neighborhood. The grounds are also worth touring, with trails and gardens galore.

One of our favorite Things to Do in Duluth is watch the ships on Lake Superior this summer, our Duluth bed and breakfast is a perfect place to see the ships glide on the lake

One of the Best Places to Stay in Duluth, MN

With more people discovering the draw of Duluth more than ever, you’ll want to plan your lodging well in advance. Our Duluth bed and breakfast is often fully booked in the summer and well into fall. This is, in part, due to our excellent walkable location on the lake with stunning views for ship watching, strolls along the sandy beach, and our unique and personalized lodging accommodations.

As long-time Innkeepers in Duluth, we love hosting people from all walks of life! Staying at a bed and breakfast lets you connect with other travelers and locals in a way that’s often fully impossible at a traditional hotel. With only five guest rooms, a stay at Solglimt Lakeshore Bed and Breakfast is intimate and private. Each morning, you’ll be treated to a homemade, wholesome breakfast best enjoyed on the back deck overlooking the lake.

You don’t have to take our word for it—our Duluth Bed and Breakfast was recently featured in Travel + Leisure magazine as one of the best places to stay! They also highlighted Park Point Beach, the beautiful stretch of sand right outside on the shores of Lake Superior. Whether you’re searching for a place to watch the ships glide into port or seeking a private retreat with romance as the focus, our bed and breakfast offers the perfect location. Book your next getaway to Duluth today!

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